Obesity is when someone is seriously overweight. Today, obesity is recognized by the World Health Organization as a disease.

Obesity can have many causes, such as heredity, bad health or a bad lifestyle.

Over time, obesity can lead to the development of diabetes or heart disease.

It’s a concern because since 1975, the number of obese people has tripled worldwide.

It is estimated that nearly 4 in 10 grown-ups are overweight and over 1 in 10 is obese.

Children are affected too. If nothing changes, in 10 years, there will be 250 million obese children.

But what can we do to inverse this trend?

First, we need to get back to healthy eating and avoid snacking outside of meals.

Home-made meals with fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, are healthier… than ready-made industrial meals that often have too much fat, sugar and salt.

Even if they taste good, commercial sodas and fruit juices contain too much sugar.

Finally, to keep fit, you must exercise every day, go for walks or play outside rather than sitting in front of a screen.

We must act fast to turn this worldwide epidemic around and save millions of lives.