For thousands of years, men, women and children were deprived of their freedom and belonged to Masters who did what they wanted with them.

The Egyptians, for example, had their pyramids built by an army of slaves.

And during the Slave Trade that lasted 400 years, Africans were captured, sold and forced to work.

This practice was authorized. Laws governed the life of slaves who were considered as… furniture.

But in the 19th-century, stop! People everywhere denounced this injustice.

Such as Abraham Lincoln, the president of the USA. Or Victor Schœlcher, a French politician. Little by little, slavery was abolished along with the slave laws.

Does that mean slavery disappeared?

Alas no. Today, 40 million people are still victims of slavery.

However, slavery is forbidden and condemned in many countries, but is less visible than before.

Many of the victims are women and children from poor countries.

They are trapped, deprived of their freedom and forced to work for free.

But all countries in the world and organizations are mobilized to fight this plague.

By identifying the victims, helping them and punishing wrongdoers. So that slavery disappears… once and for all!