War reporters are journalists who go to a country at war to inform us of the events taking place there.

On the spot, they conduct their investigation, verify information, take testimonies and pictures.

Their investigations are broadcast in the form of reports, in the written press, on television, on the radio or on the Internet.

War reporters are generally passionate about current affairs, resourceful and not afraid of the unknown.

More and more women do this job that’s essential for getting reliable information.

But is it dangerous?

Yes, because war reporters work in the heart of combat zones. 

They often share the daily life of populations, such as bombings, fear or hunger.

They are protected by a helmet, a bullet-proof vest and the word « Press » is written on their clothes.

To do their work, local people welcome and guide them. These are ‘fixers’.

They organize their appointments, translate conversations and help them with accommodation and food.

In some countries, journalists are not welcome. They are targeted, threatened, arrested and even… murdered.

War reporters play a vital role: they are our eyes and ears on the conflicts that shake the world.