It’s a country in Central Asia, which borders six other countries.

It has 40 million inhabitants, the vast majority of whom are Muslim.

But what’s happening in Afghanistan?

Since August 2021, the Taliban have been back in power. 

The Taliban are a group of armed men who impose their very strict vision of Islam, the Muslim religion.

They had already ruled Afghanistan over twenty years ago. And they reigned terror among the population by inflicting punishment on those who disobeyed them.    

Today, the Taliban are once again making Afghans live in fear with no freedom.  

Many women and girls are no longer allowed to work or go to school. Music is banned. And many Afghans have lost their jobs.

Already very poor because of several years of war and drought, the population survived thanks to aid from other countries.

But now these countries are refusing to send money, because they disagree with Taliban policies.

Without this assistance, Afghanistan is sinking into poverty and millions of children are going hungry.

Several countries have agreed to talk to the Taliban. They will help them if human rights are respected…

… And if this aid is used to feed, treat and house the population.