Who is Boris Johnson?

He’s the Prime Minister of the UK.

He doesn’t have a president above him, but a Queen: Elizabeth II.

The Queen has very little power. Boris Johnson is the head of the government and runs the country.

Why do we talk about him so much?

Because he’s the emblematic figure of Brexit, a word which means Britain quitting the European Union.

In 2016, the British people were asked to vote to remain or to leave the European Union. Boris Johnson became the spokesman for the leave campaign. 

Not everybody likes him. Before entering politics, he was a journalist and published fake news about Europe to make his articles more sensational.

Some think he is rude and deceitful. Others think he did a good job as mayor of London for 8 years.

His side won the vote on Brexit. Theresa May, who was then Prime Minister, named him Foreign Secretary.

However, she quickly opposed the Europeans and the UK Parliament about the divorce settlement. Johnson criticized her policy and resigned.

A year later, with no deal in sight, Theresa May resigned and Boris Johnson took her place.

In the general election shortly afterwards, his party gained a strong majority. So he is sure to get his Brexit plan passed by the British Parliament.

However, he still has to negotiate this complicated divorce with the European Union.