This American CEO and engineer is one of the richest men in the world. 

Some admire him, others find him… a bit crazy. 

When in 2014, he said, « I’m going to invent reusable rockets to go to the Moon and Mars, » everyone laughed!

However, seven years later, the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet took off in one of his rockets. 

Born in South Africa, as a little boy, Elon spent his time on his own reading books. His brother and sister called him the Encyclopedia, because he remembered everything!

He was already passionate about the conquest of space. At recess, he used to launch miniature rockets!

At 12, he created his first video game. At 24, his first company.

Today, he manages several companies in the automotive, space and artificial intelligence sectors. 

He launched the first electric sports car. And imagined a train of the future that goes twice as fast as a plane!

He also dreams of implanting an electronic chip in the human brain to cure certain diseases.

But his great passion is Mars! Because he thinks the future for humans on earth is threatened.

His goal? To install a colony of one million people on Mars by 2060.

So that his latest child, a little boy named… X Æ A-XII, can live there.