Jane Goodall is a very famous ethologist, that is, a specialist of animal behavior.

She was born in 1934 in England.

When she was small, she was passionate about animals around her and those in books.

At 10, she dreamt of going to Africa.

At 26, she left for Tanzania to study chimpanzees in the jungle on her own.

So, why is Jane Goodall so famous today?

When Jane decided in the 1960s to live with chimpanzees for months on end, no one had yet studied them.

She observed that one of the big apes used a twig to catch termites. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a great discovery.

Later on, Jane, devastated by the abuse of animals and the loss of their environment, decided to dedicate her life to protect nature.

She spoke in conferences all over the world to help change things.

She created foundations for the protection of the Earth and the well-being of animal and human populations. She has had many awards for her commitment.

Today, Jane Goodall sends a message of hope: it is still time to save the planet and each of us has a role to play.