This young 34-year-old is the leader of North Korea, a country in Asia between China and South Korea. CARTE

Kim Jong-un is considered to be one of the worst dictators in the world. PHOTO

After his grandfather and his father, he has ruled over North Korea since 2012 with absolute power.

To stay in power, he had several opponents killed, including members of his family, like his uncle.

His power is based on the fear of the people but also on the development of nuclear weapons.

50 years ago, North Korea launched a secret nuclear program.

This program was discovered in 2006, the year of the first nuclear test by North Korea.

Having the atomic bomb is a guarantee of survival for Kim Jong-un’s power.

Because no country would dare attack North Korea if it has nuclear weapons.

The world’s superpowers are worried because the North Korean army is developing missiles capable of carrying atomic bombs over thousands of kilometres.

What’s more, other countries like Iran and Syria are tempted to follow North Korea’s example…

Threats and economic sanctions by the rest of the world don’t seem to have any effect on Kim Jong-un.

The North Korean dictator announced he will go all the way to make his country a real nuclear power.