Why are people so interested in the American Presidential election?

In the USA, the president is elected every 4 years. Each time, this election captivates the world.

Because following this election is a bit like watching a TV series!

There are incredible rallies, star celebrities and dramatic turns of events.

People love it but is it just for show?

Not entirely. The other reason is because the American president’s decisions affect the whole world!

That’s right, the USA is the 3rd biggest country in the world. They produce a lot of wealth and have the most powerful army.

This super-power makes the American president… very powerful.

The president can punish countries who threaten American interests by stopping them selling their products in America.

Now you understand why countries don’t want to fall out with the USA!

What’s more, the USA plays a very important role in international organizations like the UN.

These organizations bring together all the countries of the world. Together, they try to keep peace in the world. What the American president says really matters.

In 2020, people are following this election even more because the controversial Donald Trump is seeking re-election.

That’s why a lot of people don’t want to miss out on this crucial vote for the future of the USA… and the whole world.