Racism is the idea that humankind is made up of several races. Some are supposedly superior and others inferior.

If people are racist, it’s because they believe they are superior and because they look down on people with different origins, skin color or another culture.

Certain peoples used these ideas to dominate others.

Going back in history, that led to slavery, colonization and the massacre of populations.

But today, science has shown that races don’t exist within the human species. We all have the same genes!

So, why are there still racists?

It’s mainly because of ignorance and the fear of others.

Racists wrongly believe that preconceived ideas about certain groups are true, no matter what science says.

Because of their prejudice, they hate everyone in these groups. They humiliate them and treat them differently.

Sometimes they even accuse them of being responsible for problems in our society.

It’s unfair and unacceptable. In France, for example, racist actions and comments are punished by law.

But the best way to fight racism is through education. Because by learning to know others, we become more tolerant.