Why are there bushfires in Australia?

There are often bushfires in Australia from September until March.

Australians call it bushfire season and these wildfires are caused by lightning, drought or by humans.

But the fires that have ravaged the country in 2020 are much more devastating.

Why are these fires so terrible?

In 2019, Australia had the driest spring in its history and the highest recorded temperatures.

In these conditions, the wildfire season started much earlier.

Strong winds fanned small fires that rapidly became out of control.

These wildfires even burned a forest of 3000-year-old trees and animal species that are unique in the world.

These huge fires can burn for months because only the rain can stop them.

Scientists believe that climate change is the main cause.

And as there will be less rain and longer periods of drought, these extreme fires will happen more frequently.

Experts estimate it will take several decades for the environment to be able to restore itself.

Today, these uncontrollable bushfires have at least contributed to increasing global awareness about the negative effects of climate change.