On November 19th , the UN organizes a special day to talk about toilets.

You know toilets! That’s where you go to pee or to poop.

For peace and quiet, you shut the door and you do what you have to do.

When you’re done, you flush the toilet and the excrement goes down the sewers and off to the water treatment plant.

Here, the waste water is treated. Once clean, it can be released into rivers.

But why do we need a special day to talk about toilets?

To raise awareness about the lack of toilets in the world.

Today, one in 3 people don’t have a toilet at home.

To do their business, they put a plank over a hole or they have to go and find a quiet spot outside.

It’s not nice to have to get undressed when you’re scared someone might see you naked.

In some countries, girls don’t go to school because there are no safe, clean toilets

What’s more, poop contaminates the water underground. This water is dangerously unhealthy because it transmits diseases like dysentery or cholera.

These diseases kill people every day. These unacceptable deaths could be avoided if people only had toilets.