They’re an international multi-sports competition for disabled athletes.

They are held every 2 years, just after the Olympics.

Games are adapted for the disabled, like wheelchair basketball or sitting volleyball.

There are events for the partially sighted, like skiing with a sighted guide or goalball, like handball with bells in the ball.

3 disciplines are open to people with intellectual disabilities: athletics, swimming and table tennis.

But why were these games created?

They were started in 1948 by a doctor from London who decided to organize sporting events for his patients with war injuries.

Taking part in tournaments gave them exercise, vital for their re-education, and let them have fun.

The games were linked to the Olympic Games for the first time in 1960. Since then, the athletes have grown in strength and numbers.

As from 2012, they started to become very popular with the media and the public.

Today, thanks to the Paralympic Games, disabled athletes can live their dream and prove they are capable of exceptional performances!

But beyond the sporting challenge, by making disabled people more visible, the games help: to change the way we see them…

… and integrate everybody into society. In short, to live together better!