To play tennis, you need a court, a net and 2 or 4 players with rackets.

The server hits the ball into his opponents service area. If he misses, he has a 2nd chance. Then the player receiving hits the ball back and so on.

You score a point when your opponent misses the ball, hits it outside the court or into the net.

How do you count points?

You’ve already heard an umpire say “game, set and match”! These are the stages of the match.

Points are counted like this: no points: zero, first point: 15, 2nd point: 30, 3rd point: 40. At the 4th point, the player wins the game, except if his opponent also has 40.

40-40 is called deuce. You have to win a 5th point called advantage, and a 6th point to win the game. Otherwise it goes back to deuce.

To win a set, you must win 6 games and have a two-game lead over your opponent.

If you have won 6 games and your opponent 5, you have to win another game to take the set.

If both players win 6 games, a 7th deciding game called a “tie-break” is played.

Here, the first to 7 points with a two-point lead wins the tie-break, otherwise the game continues.

To win a match, men must win 2 or 3 sets according to the tournament, and women two.

Now you just need to play… or watch a tournament like the US open, or Wimbledon.