When you want to find information on the Internet, you probably use Google.

The company that runs this search engine was founded in 1998 by 2 American students, Sergueï Brin and Larry Page.

From a single word or question, Google finds websites, blogs or directories for you.

It’s a really powerful tool and has become as indispensable as a dictionary!

So how did Google become so famous?

Tested on the IT network of Stanford University in 1997, the new digital invention was soon adopted by students.

But to be efficient, the search engine has to index millions of pages. And that takes computers, lots of computers… That’s expensive!

The 2 inventors took their project to companies, but none were interested.

They managed to raise some funds and set up their own business.

Very quickly, an ingenious advertising system brought Google millions of dollars in profit.

Quick and simple to use, the search engine has conquered the whole world with over 1 billion users per day!

By developing smart phone applications such as Google Maps or Google Books, Google is now part of our daily lives.

One sure sign of success: the verb “to google” is now in American dictionaries!