Chefs work on taste by inventing dishes and desserts in the kitchens of their restaurants.

Their aim? To please their customers who come to taste famous specialties.

But what are the secrets to making tasty dishes that people love?

Chefs invent recipes, using their imagination, tastes, the seasons or fashions.

They can cook meat and candy together; make French fries with other vegetables than potatoes, or make an asparagus dessert.

They have fun surprising us; pleasing our eyes and taste buds!

Cooking is an art; the art of putting products, colors and flavors together to wake up our senses.

Presentation is always important to a chef. Food must look good first!

Then they study flavors that make us salivate, food that is crunchy, or that melts in the mouth to arouse our curiosity.

To invent a new recipe, chefs can also play on temperatures, textures or consistency.

When tasting, a lovely gourmet taste fills the mouth. It’s a really nice sensation. It works!

The chef writes the new dish on the restaurant’s menu so customers can taste it.

Chefs listen to how people react, to improve their recipes that just tickle the taste buds!