Yes, it’s true! Ears are fragile, and listening to loud music can damage them.

It’s not just music that can make you deaf, but any noise you listen to too loud for too long.

Today, 10% of young people under 25 hear less well because they’ve damaged their ears.

So, how do you avoid becoming deaf?

Our ability to hear sounds, hearing, is highly developed at birth.

But, as we get older, it’s not as good and gets worse quicker if we listen to loud noise for a long time.

During concerts, the sound level is not always limited, so you should avoid standing in front of the speakers.

Fortunately, most of the time, the organizers provide earplugs to reduce the volume.

Today, the biggest danger comes from listening to music with headphones or earphones.

And even if the law limits the volume in headphones, they can still be dangerous.

Did you know that to protect your ears you should avoid listening to music in headphones for more than two hours a week?

And if you turn the volume right up, it becomes dangerous for your ears in just three minutes!

So, it’s not music that makes you deaf, but repeatedly listening to high sound levels, OKAY!?