Is the yeti real?

The yeti is a large creature, half human, half ape, with long hair on its body and a terrifying head.

It is said to live hidden in the Himalaya Mountains, on the border of lots of countries.

And according to stories, the monster even snatches humans.

But who has really met this abominable snowman?

There’s an ancient legend of a hairy ogre in the region.

It spread throughout the whole world as from the 19th century because foreign explorers brought back reports of people who’d seen it.

Especially in 1951, when an English expedition to Mount Everest discovered mysterious footprints in the snow. The photo became world-famous!

Many teams set out to look for it, but… the creature was never found.

Recently, scientific analysis of suspect hair or bones have only revealed… they belong to bears or goats.   

Some experts believe the yeti is only a big bear living in the mountains.

For others, the mystery has not been solved and the myth continues.  

Elsewhere, there are other incredible hairy creatures. “Bigfoot” is hiding somewhere in North America, for example.

For a very long time, wild humans have inspired comic books, movies and even video games. So, real or not, the abominable snowman is still popular.