The media are the different means used to broadcast information to the public.
According to the way they treat information, the media are classed in different groups.
For the written press, information is written, illustrated by photos, and printed on paper. It is read by people in newspapers and magazines.
Audio media broadcast news by sound over the radio and listeners tune in.
We talk about audiovisual media for information broadcast by television in the form of sound and images. It is watched by TV viewers.
The press, radio and television now broadcast newspapers and programs on the Internet.

There are also online press media that publish written or filmed content only on the Internet especially for Internet users.
Finally, social media groups use networks for sharing and discussion on the Internet such as Facebook or Twitter.
Thanks to these different media, we can get news and information 24/7 from all around the world.

But who writes the news?
Mainly journalists who observe and report events they have witnessed.
They make inquiries, look for explanations and check the answers.
Then, they adapt their subjects to the media they are working for.