Every year, in October, a jury chooses the Nobel peace prize winner.

This international prize rewards people or organizations who work for peace and defend human rights.

In 2016, the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos won it for having helped put an end to 50 years of armed conflict in his country.

But what use is having the Nobel Peace Prize?

Prizewinners receive about €800,000. They can spend the money as they wish…

… However, most give donations to aid organizations. Nobel peace prize winners act for the good of all!

Nobel Peace Prize winners become famous and are respected.

Their actions are promoted and it helps them in their fight for peace.

When a politician wins the prize, like former American president Barack Obama in 2009, it encourages him to keep the peace with other nations during his mandate.

Nobel peace prize winners can be any age. Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic nun who dedicated her life to helping the poor, was 69.

Malala Yousafzaï, a young Pakistani girl who defends the rights for girls to have an education, was only 17.

She committed herself to fighting until the day when all the children in the world could go to school.

A promise worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize winner!