What use is laughing?

There’s nothing like a good laugh to make you feel better!

Even better, when you laugh, you make lots of friends. Everybody understands this language!

And what is great, is that laughing is contagious: when we see someone with the giggles, it makes us laugh too!

But why does laughing make us feel good?

When you laugh, it’s like a wave shaking the muscles in your body, from your face to your toes! Afterwards, you feel completely relaxed.

Laughter triggers the fabrication of chemical substances in your brain that reduce stress, pain and make you feel good; a cocktail of well-being spreads through your body.

When your tummy muscles contract, they give your belly a good workout.

Your heart beats faster improving blood circulation. You breathe more deeply too.

All this stimulates your body’s natural defense system.

In fact, laughing is a way of waking up the doctor in you.

There are so many benefits that laughter is used in the hospital to cheer sick people up or calm them down.

There are even laughter clubs, all over the world. They teach you how to start laughing, for your own good.

Some doctors say you should laugh at least 15 minutes every day. So, it’s up to you: do things that make you laugh today!