A chessboard has 64 squares and there are 6 different types of piece, giving thousands of combinations.

To play chess you need concentration, memory and anticipation.

To become a grandmaster, you must train 4 to 5 hours a day!

Today, chess is recognized as a sport.

But who invented this incredible game of strategy?

Its origins go back to the year 600 when it appeared in India and Persia where they played chaturanga and chatrang.

These are wargames, where the pieces represent an army.

Later, the Arabs brought these games with them when they invaded Europe.

That’s when the Queen was added and the chessboard became black-and-white. The rules of modern chess were defined at the end of the Middle Ages.

Today, chess stars play against each other in international tournaments.

Some players even play against computers, such as the famous duels between the Russian Garry Kasparov and the Deep Blue computer.

Although chess is mainly played by men and boys, there are also some highly gifted female players, such as Judit Polgár, who became a grand master at 15; a world record!

Centuries after its creation, this board game is more and more popular and its success will never be “checkmate”!