Arsène Lupin is a gentleman thief, who robs people of their jewels and money but never uses violence.

A song about this famous French fictional hero got to number one in the charts in 1975.

Arsène Lupin, is a sort of Robin Hood and is a master of disguise.

But why are people talking about him so much?

In 2021, a popular TV series was inspired by this lovable rascal.

As in the 1971 series, with Georges Descrières, the audience are charmed by Maurice Leblanc’s hero.

So, the “gentleman thief” is back, for old and new audiences.

The hero has many identities: Arsène Lupin or Raoul d’andrésy, he mixes with thieves and robbers as well as the wealthy.

His creator, who liked to give the characters in his novels depth, gave him a rich and complex past.

We discover that Arsène committed his first robbery when he was 6, to avenge his mother’s honor.

Then, a treacherous countess puts him on the track of 4 treasures linked to the history of France. He becomes obsessed with finding them.

The novels by Leblanc are full of twists, mysteries and sharp-minded characters. 13_FR So if you liked the Lupin series, try reading the books to discover the hero’s adventures set in Normandy, on the cliffs of Etretat!