A famous wizard who wears glasses!

This character from a children’s book appeared for the first time in 1997. Readers adored him!

His adventures enthralled the whole world. They are translated into over 80 languages.

Today, the 7 volumes of this saga written by English author JK Rowling are among the most widely read books in the world.

Even children who don’t like reading are passionate about Harry’s adventures. Grown-ups fall for him too!

In 2001, the first Harry Potter movie came out. In a few years, the main actors became stars. And the films, blockbusters.

So, what are Harry Potter’s magic ingredients?

Firstly, a really well told story.

JK Rowling’s books are full of details. The author invented a whole world: Hogwart’s school, quidditch, dementors, and house elves…

When she describes something, it’s so detailed you can almost see it for real.

Then, even if Harry and his buddies are wizards, they go to school, quarrel with their friends, make mistakes, ask questions about their parents… Just like you!

In a way, Harry’s magic world, with its rules and competitions, gives you keys to understanding your own world.

Come on, admit it: you sometimes dream about having magic powers, don’t you?