Born in the USA in 1958, Michael Jackson was probably the most famous pop singer of the late 20th century.

Known as the King of Pop, he was at the top of the music charts for about 30 years.

But what made him such an exceptional artist?

Michael started his career at the age of six, in the Jackson Five group, with his older brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon.

Obviously the most gifted, he became its leader. At age 13, he brought out his first solo album.

But his phenomenal success really took off in 1982, with songs like Billy Jean, Beat It and especially Thriller.

He loved to change his image and made a music video horror movie, playing a zombie and a werewolf!

Everyone tries to do his dance steps, especially the moonwalk, which is walking by sliding your feet backwards.

He sold hundreds of millions of records during his career…

… which makes him one of the best selling artists of all time, alongside Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

But Michael was also famous for his addiction to cosmetic surgery: his appearance changed a lot over the years.

He lived secluded in his Californian ranch, Neverland, named after Peter Pan’s fantasy world.

He died there, at age 50, of an overdose of prescription drugs. But his musical legacy… lives on!