Hermione, Dumbledore, the dementors, and Quidditch… were all invented by J.K. Rowling.

An English novelist who started to write the long and enthralling adventures of Harry Potter in 1990.

Now, the writer is richer than the Queen of England herself and all her novels are bestsellers!

EN She’s really a star!

EN She can’t set foot outside without being recognised by her fans.

J.K. Rowling rarely talks to the press these days but she continues to support various charities.

For instance, she funds associations that help sick children and regularly calls on members of Parliament to tackle inequality in society.

JK Rowling began writing in Scotland, in a difficult period in her life.

When she started writing Harry Potter, she had just lost her mother and hardly had any money.

Writing helped her a lot during this period of deep sadness.

Dementors, creatures who feed on the happy emotions of humans in her novels, symbolise this. But she says how to fight them: with happy memories!

When asked how to become a writer, she replies that a pen and paper are all you need.

JK Rowling often says she would like to be less famous, but like Harry, she continues her goal: to write stories that inspire her readers.