Dogs are the most popular pets all over the world.

From the Chihuahua to the Great Dane, there are over 350 breeds of dog.

And they’re not just pets. Sheepdogs, search dogs or police dogs; dogs can be trained for many missions.

They also help blind or deaf people in their everyday lives.

But why this special relationship?

The dog was the first animal to be tamed by man.

Dogs and men have gotten on since prehistoric times. Men gave dogs food in return for helping them hunt.

The dog quickly got on well with his new friends as he has one feature his ancestor the wolf doesn’t have: he is highly sociable.

Another thing dogs have: they understand our gestures in a flash.

Even if we are different species, dogs can interpret an expression on a face.

Their brains can also understand words. Some gifted dogs can remember… thousands.

Dogs can hear emotions in a voice. Anger, scolding, happiness… They know what we’re feeling.

That’s why, in spite of our differences, we’ve understood each other, helped each other and loved each other for thousands of years!